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Just been swamped with work and life. I spent all day Friday in the emergency room with my 2 yr old (who ran face first into the corner of a table at daycare and sliced his lip and part of his chin/cheek area clean open). And, since he's 2 there was no way he was going to be still for numbing and then stitches, so they had to put him into conscious sedation.

So our weekend, needless to say, was a bit insane with dealing with my Wounded One. And then the following morning, my daughter's soccer team played the top team in her league and won. And she scored both goals! I'm so proud of her. She has scored a goal in every single game so far and two in this last one (it's all a team effort, and a lot of them would not have ben possible without great passes from her team). They are now the number one team!! This is her sixth year playing the sport. Cannot believe how fast time passes!

This week has been me playing a lot of catching up. I have to work all day every day in order to make my deadline -- even nights and weekends. And I missed several of those this past week and weekend. Actually, I have to make TWO deadlines within a month of each other, so I may be scarce in October!

Oh, and I got my final copies of THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN and have mailed out the remaining books. So anyone still waiting, yours should be there any day now. If you don't get it by next week, though, send me an email...


Moonsanity said...

OUCH! My oldest was like that-- man, we were in the emergency room so much I can't believe they didn't think we were beating him. Is it healing up pretty fast? Poor little guy.

That is SO cool on your daughter's goals and her team winning. I'll bet the high school coaches are drooling waiting for her to get older. LOL

Deadlines suck:) Let's hope everything is calm and boring so you can concentrate!

Melissa said...

I should get my mom and have you talk to her. I split my lip and my eye open when I was a kid. She could give you lots of advice on how to roll your eyes when then next injury happens. :)

And my sympathies lie with the little guy. *hugs* and a lollypop. Sweets always make it feel better for some reason. My advice... don't follow in my footsteps.

Hope things so smoother for you now.

Vickie said...

{{HUGS}} to DS and YAY to DD!

Poor little guy :( I hope he is feeling better now. ((Hugs)) for you both. Congrats to your DD on her goals! That is awesome. It’s amazing how busy life can get once the kiddos are involved in activities. Good luck with your deadlines.

Demon Hunter said...

Oh, I wish the baby a speedy recovery.

We'll be here after October. ;-)

Kelly Gay said...

Thanks! The Boy Child is doing well. I'd forgotten how fast children heal; it's amazing. Though, this morning he was pulling at his ears, crying, and saying his ears "are broken", LOL. So, off to the doctor's to see if he has an ear infection. Oy.

Mike said...

Hope your son is doin well and things have settled down.

One day -- in the very near future -- all this chaos will be a distant memory.

Go with the flow and

Keep Writing!

Jim said...

Sorry to hear that about your son. Glad he's doing better.

Oh my. I know I'm late to stopping by, but I hope your little one is doing better. And not to bad. :) And it is so amazing when the kids do great with the sports. Congrats to her.